(The Story Teller)



by J.Fitts

Things were so great in the beginning
The evil smiles..the extra hands.
How could I not feel that energy ?
Every time I go to take a step I feel the dead weight of negative souls
Designer clothes ..some girl callin my phone
about an IG post.

I made this the “ Last time “ I would ever go through anything so unpleasant and
Depressing .. I had to sit back and teach myself a lesson.

These ppls don’t love you ...
they wanna use you ...

Pick your poison J... soon as you get rich ppl gonna come outta nowhere clamin they knew you & supported you anyway.

So why not “ Boss Up “

Why not show off what you got ?
Why not show off your cars .. clothes .. money ?
The ppl love it .. adapt with time or get lost right?

Nah nah ... I don’t need it I’m as pure as you can find.
Pen level on a dime
And certainly my music is gonna grow with time.

And that’s my “Mood “...
That’s how I move so you can’t switch up what I do ..Cause I got da juice.

Yeah that was the plan.

To get on and yeah feed the fam.

Hood made
Landova raised
I still get da chills whenever I come back home to perform for my ppl
Cause I wanna be nothing less than great
The long hours they never seen
Strapped to that book I can’t even leave
Cause “ Ima Star “ I know ..you know.. we all know Fitts Your a star and soon it’ll show.

But the truth is .. it won’t show until I cut some energy away from me
It’s draining I know ..
but they can’t go where you go.

Get mad all they want but they don’t see it like you do Fitts
“Papercuts”can be so small but so hurtful
Only because you never expected it.
It’s a certain level where you draw the line...
And save yourself time.
Before you end up in your old situation back a Square one “Spinnin Da Bin”... so with that being said Protect Your Chakra

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